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Friday, March 8, 2013

3/8: Confessions of a Grammar Nazi

Good day, fellow bloggers! How are you? Fine, thank you. Okay, the formality stops here. Wazzup?! Anyway, frequenters of this site may remember that I mentioned that TomSka finally released "asdfmovie6" on YouTube. If you don't know what asdf is, it is basically founded upon compilations of funny random video clips featuring simple stick-figure characters, with each clip usually lasting no more than 5 seconds. Think of it as a cartoon version of my rundowns, only over 9000 times more hilarious (because every internet meme is over 9000, no exceptions.)

Today was another day of Free-Form Friday, or FFF for short, which is High Tech's version of Google's "20% time." Personally, I'm not too psyched about the progress my group has made, but we'll see how things work out with our project, which was originally about building a wooden soapbox-type car but has since demoted to tricking out a glorified shopping cart. No worries, though; I've been able to find a group to join if I decide to jump ship (literally, if Kyle White has his way!) Meanwhile, during today's FFF time I also learned about an opportunity to blog for curiousYOUNGwriters over the summer. I am BEYOND excited for this! Any chance I can get to blog, I will take!

I realize no one likes a grammar Nazi (not even other grammar Nazis), but I must confess that I can't help but point out mistakes from time to time. It's just like the feeling you get when the person next to you has food stuck on their face but is completely oblivious to it. Just like chocolate stains will remain to appear on lips across America, correcting someone's grammar doesn't do much to keep it from happening again. Yet some of us persist to do it, because we simply can't stand the awkwardness. So please, mind my comments if you misprint when typing. In fact, I actually messed up on my previous post, and lo and behold I received a comment about it. Grammar Nazis may be annoying when speaking, but on blog posts that you can quickly edit, they can prove to be quite helpful.

Recently, I have been obsessed with music. Thank goodness there are apps like Pandora that let me listen to my favorite kinds of music without having to pay! So, I feel it's time for another Top 10! This time, it's the Top 10 Artists I'm Currently Crazy About! (current favorite song in parentheses)

10) The Script (Hall of Fame)
9) Florence + The Machine (Shake It Out)
8) Calvin Harris (Sweet Nothing (ft. Florence Welch!))
7) Goo Goo Dolls--they're baaaack... (Rebel Beat)
6) Coldplay--why would they not be on this list? (Charlie Brown)
5) Muse (Madness)
4) Swedish House Mafia--really gonna miss these guys! (Don't You Worry Child ft. John Martin)
3) The Black Keys (Lonely Boy)
2) Of Monsters and Men (King and Lionheart)
1) Imagine Dragons--my vote for best new artist next year! (Radioactive)

Time for a mini-rundown, as per tradition after a special segment! Today, my Prezi group dodged the bullet, meaning we get three more days to prep, I'm finally on top of EVERYTHING in school, the wait begins for word of my BronyCon event's fate, and all must hail the Pop-Tart hobo king, Rahul Rangwani!

With that, au revoir, and may the techie gods Rahul, Ray, and Jonathan bring you many plentiful harvests!

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