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Saturday, March 2, 2013

3/2: A Wild Holiday Inn Appeared

Greetings from, uh... somewhere in Long Island! Now, I know I definitely need to get some more work done on the site, but when you have to run this ship for two days from a single tablet in a cramped hotel room shared with my family of 5, you're gonna need to compromise. I get a parent-free night away from home, and there's family, Internet, and cheesesteak. Cheesesteak is good.

Anyway, my mom's cousin's wedding is today, and despite the fact that I'm not attending, there was still an argument over outfits. I guess it's partly due to the fact that I like to dress somewhat decent whenever I go out, but there's still the pressing need to pack light. It's in these situations where my mother and I tend to butt heads. But we still coexist, and everything turns out fine.

Now, obviously there's not much to do in terms of productivity when you're confined to a practical cardboard box within NYC's unwanted little cousin, but it's better than New York's dumping ground--I mean Staten Island, and I'd rather be there than whatever makes the Turnpike's Exit 13A smell worse than a skunk's derrière. Fellow New Jerseyans, you know what I mean. Anyway, I'm hoping to get back to my fan art as soon as this little adventure leads back home, but since a brony's duties never end, at least I can focus on my songwriting. That is, if Dani and James don't trash the hotel room--and Mom and Dad just left. Ah, zut alors! Pardon my French, both figuratively and literally.

Anyways, rundown, rundown, rundown! Love that word, probably because I'm a huge hardball fan. Ok, fasten your seat belts: Really scared that my reputation is ruined because of a possibly embarrassing photo that was deleted before I could see it, MLS is starting, and so is lacrosse (Yay!), felling annoyed already that Rahul's Real Madrid beat Barcelona, discovered that Sporting News has its own sports bar, and realized after 15 years that my mother was born in Queens, not Brooklyn, because I obviously don't remember enough important information. Whew, that was a virtual-keyboard-ful.
Ok, that's it for today. Au revoir, and to my fellow MLP:FiM fans, keep calm and brony on!

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