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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3/5: Release the Kraken!

Welcome back, everybody! It looks as if I am about to pass 100 American page views, so there's something to celebrate! Kinda. Okay, not really, but let's hope I can get to 250 in much less time. I've been posting these blogs rather late in the day recently, which is obviously not helping my case, so I'm fortunate to have a reduced homework load today so I can bump up those stats.

But you didn't visit this site to see me ramble on about the blog itself! No, you came here to see me rant about other random subjects! Like pie, or school, or pie! So, I better get a move on that right now! It turns out that there is no limit to the amount of services you can win at the Senior Auction, so I was able to leave the block with two seniors who must obey my will. Yes, I actually bought two prizes, but they still came considerably cheaper than the highest bid of the day, so it was money well spent. I've promised to let some of my friends in on the benefits, seeing that it would be useless to keep two seniors to oneself, so at this very moment Josh is writing up a list of proposals. If any of you have some good (or bad) ideas on what I should use the seniors for, please leave them as a comment below! Don't hold anything back! (Except, of course, when such idea comes into conflict with standard school regul--you know what, forget the disclaimer, just go crazy with it.)

In other news, I've decided to switch things up a bit and give you a little top 10 list for today. If there is anything you should no about me is that I am oblivious to many things I should really know, and when I finally get wind of it, its old news. So without further ado, here is the Top 10 Things I Probably Should Have Known Already!

10) There is an entire "Squid Summit" which occurs during Shark Week.
9) Middletown HS North has just as bad a reputation as Keansburg. Maybe worse.
8) There are only supposed to be 7 columns in klondike solitaire, not 8.
7) They actually came out with a legitimate asdfmovie6 video.
6) A quarter of the school knows how to scam the Doritos vending machine.
5) Mr. Borchardt has been training  us to be hackers and conmen this entire time.
4) That missing geometry assignment was actually a dual assignment.
3) My pickle-ball team will never win a game.
2) Martin Brodeur is injured, and my fantasy hockey team is 0-5.
1) The Discovery Channel has video evidence of the giant squid. That is so awesome! /)^3^/)

This is probably more suited for a later post, but since I like to get things off my chest early, I have a busy week ahead of me next week. The Jersey City St Patrick's Day Parade is Sunday, I should be hearing back from BronyCon by Monday, my birthday is on Tuesday, the National French exam is Wednesday, the AIME test is Thursday, and so is a haircut appointment.

Since I don't like to break tradition, here's a mini-rundown: Our biology teacher really has some weird dreams, the sophomore council is back to selling bagels (a shame, I liked the muffins), today actually wasn't freezing cold (but not for long), and apparently I play better at pickle-ball when I'm goofing off. Go figure. Anyway, thanks for reading and please spread the word!

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  1. I want to hear more about this squid summit! Sounds interesting! I liked your top 10 list- it was fun to read! Congrats on hitting 100 views; I look forward to reading more!