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Friday, March 1, 2013

3/1: And So It Begins

I'm not sure about the other bloggers doing this challenge, but I have spent mounds of time wondering what this could become. I doubt that it will get me famous, but at least if I play my cards right I could start something special. But this is a life story, and that means focusing on NOW, and right now, the main thing on my mind is that my sister's birthday is two days away, and I don't have a gift. It would probably fine if this was a first offense, but it's not, and I'm not about to forget another occasion. If I just let this slip because other things were "on my mind," then I've learned nothing from my recent mistakes. I really feel sorry for my sister, because this year, we have to go to a wedding on her birthday, and last year, her special day was tainted by our beloved neighbor's funeral. So much for the luck of the Irish. As for me, every time my birthday falls on a Saturday, I get to enjoy a St. Patrick's Day Parade and my birthday surrounded by family in Jersey City. So much for the luck of the Irish. And yet, Dani always takes it in stride. That's what I love about her, that giddy, spontaneous, positive attitude.

As for me, I'm still working on my first song for the brony fandom, and I finally realized that I could give it a lower key. In fact, it actually sounds better, and it means I can sing it myself. I never thought I'd say this, but thank Britney Spears for getting "Criminal" stuck in my head. Perhaps every songwriter has their own style, but is it still weird that I finished the first verse and bridge before even starting the chorus? Maybe, but then again, I've always written stories, and in that trade I've always went with the flow from beginning to end. Kind of like what I'm doing right now.

I could go on and on about stuff like this, but this is a 31-day spiel, and I better keep some material for the rest of the month. However, I will say that I'm worried about our play for Performing Arts Club. Performers are really dropping like flies. I wasn't part of the rotation for today's rehearsal, so I hope some good news comes out over the weekend!

For anyone who feels like following my blog, at the end of each day's post I will do a rundown of my random feelings of the day, just for a hint of extra information and some amusing thoughts.

And here we go: Getting frustrated that my 6 paragraph school blog post is getting no love from classmates (Curse you, last-minute bloggers!), to Josh's "Go for the longest blog duel": CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, I'm apparently playing solitaire wrong, CapriSun juice pouches are EVIL (no one likes soggy lunches), I feel I won't be able to survive Hot Dog Fridays during Lent, and I've begun wearing shades inside because "acting logically is too mainstream." Hope I didn't confuse anybody.

Anyway, that's it for today! So, goodbye, good luck, and may Ray Zeng smile upon you!


  1. Wow I LOVE this blog!! Nice creative title, by the way. Your style of writing flows really smoothly, like a conversation, and is unusual and quirky to read (in a good way).

    Can't wait to see what your other slices are about!!

  2. Ouch! I owe my sister a card....from February 17th. Good luck finding the perfect gift.