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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3/26: So Long, Braces!

Okay, obviously I am really thrilled! After almost three years, I can have gum again! (Without guilt, at least) Unfortunately, after braces comes the retainer. This...stupid...retainer... Alright, I'll calm down. Besides, today is a happy occasion, and a mostly painless one too. I didn't actually realize that they just rip the frames right off!

Before I was allowed to be free from my hindering mouth-gear, I had to go to an out-of-school rehearsal with most of the guys in the musical. At least I thought we got enough work done, but that's not to say that most of the time was spent having the time of our lives with pizza, cake, foosball, and a stuffed talking Dalek which actually made that blasted death machine seem kind of cute.

Afterwards, I finally returned to Outback for an excellent meal, or what seemed even more excellent now that I can eat freely. Now excuse me while I go admire myself in the mirror. Sorry, I'm pretty excited!

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