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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3/6: Dem Storms be a-Brewin

Bienvenue, tout le monde! Don't mind my French, I'm just trying to stay sharp for next week's National French Contest exam, and I definitely have room for improvement. Now that I have received a little recognition, I'm feeling a bit more comfortable with the routine. No more worries about if anyone will read this; I can just go with the flow. I guess you could say that I'm feeling more comfortable all around. I'm in control, and I'm having fun along the road. I think I might be ready to see if my songwriting garners any interest.

Okay, there are so many things I could talk about right now, but if you live in the Northeast, the winter storm that's coming is probably old news. I'll have you know that the entire school is dying for at least a delayed opening tomorrow. Cross those fingers! Despite the storm, the Performing Arts Club was able to squeeze in a whole rehearsal after school today. I was scheduled for today and Friday, and it really felt great to get back into the groove and help our musical off the ground. All I need to focus on now is working out the kinks for my solo song and practice my stage presence, and I should be ready to go for the real deal!

Adding to the level of unorthodox forms of entertainment here at High Technology High School, the big event of the day was the public shaving of Alex O's head. No, he didn't lose a bet, or as far as I know. I forgot to mention about a small detail about the Senior Auction. All of the proceeds, including donations, went to a certain "Alex Orsini Baldness" Fund. Ultimately, they reached the target price, and the rest is history. Well, not yet at least. It turns out that the organizers of this thing are fairly slow haircutters, using sub-par equipment. So either the shaving will resume tomorrow (weather permitting, obviously) or Alex is stuck with a hairdo that is already horrific. I'm sorry, that mess doesn't even deserve a sarcastic "I really like your mane." It's bad.

Okay, I don't want to get this post out any later than it has to, so without further ado, here is the (extended) daily rundown!

Despite the many other interesting news stories today, today's Times article response was about camels in the Great White North (granted, it scores major points for strangeness), High Tech is really expressing its competitiveness this time by deciding to dominate a children's writing contest (show no mercy!), I finally got to have Chinese food again (yay...), Mr. Roche has proven to be a fan of slavery, gambling, and messing with my mojo (I can't help if I bet 40 minutes of labor on the green dice! I'm Irish!), Joey continues to insist Vanellope Von Schweetz was never a glitch in Wreck-it-Ralph (Right, and Scootaloo's not a chicken! Or did we switch to dodo? Either way, Scoot is still best pony--or poultry, rather.), and I'm starting to worry about Josh's plans for my auction seniors. They're kind of leading towards complete public humiliation. Hmm...

Alright everybody, that's a wrap! I'll be here all month, literally. Just in case anybody is going out tonight, try the veal and remember to tip your waitresses! (About the veal, really, please don't. I mean, it's baby cows, for crying out loud. Wait until they're beef, at least.)

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