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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3/20: Freedom! (Or As Close As I'll Get to It)

Happy first day of spring, everyone! No, it doesn't start tomorrow. In fact, March 20th is supposed to really be the traditional first day of spring, not March 21st. Anyway, spring means that spring break is just around the corner, or to be more specific, next weekend! It's not like I'm doing anything special, but a break is a break, and in a work-heavy school like mine, it's an even more welcome time. Even so, in true High Tech fashion, I'll have some assignments here and there to cover, not to mention this very blog!

This week, I've taken the time to explore the blogs of my fellow classmates, and fortunately, they are in fact as weird as I expected. It's amusing what strange topics come up in school bus debates. By the way, we all agree that Costco has awesome churros. And smoothies. Don't forget the smoothies! Also confirmed: we really do complain about everything under the sun, but WE HAVE GOOD REASON TO! Such as...you know what, I'm not doing this. You get the point--NEXT TOPIC!

I can officially say that our musical is in full buckle-down mode. Opening night is creeping closer with each day, and I really hope we all will be ready. Just to make sure we are, it looks like we'll be squeezing in as many rehearsals as possible during spring break. Wish me luck! I'm going to need a load of coffee...

Finally, the round of 64 for the NCAA men's basketball tournament starts tomorrow! In other words, we have 16 games and 12 hours of non-stop basketball each day for two days. So get those brackets in, and train your remote finger! This is going to be good!

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