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Monday, March 11, 2013

3/11: Sickness Stinks. Plain and Simple.

Greetings, fellow hitchhikers! In case you're one of the few remaining people in a first-world nation who doesn't come into contact with Google daily, then it is my humble duty to point out the lovely interactive doodle the Google team created for the anniversary of the birth of one of the most awesome authors of all time, Douglas Adams. If only I could have been born 6 hours earlier, then I would be able to share my birthday with the genius who created A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Instead, I'm sitting here fighting off some sickness before it interferes with my birthday plans. Please, just "don't panic." Ah? Get it? Okay, enough book quoting. Let's get on with the blog!

Now, now, what to talk about? Many things, I guess, but not everything is worth a dedicated paragraph. First of all, it is the 11th, which means you've been waiting for an update on my BronyCon endeavors. And, (insert drumroll here) there is no update! (Insert rimshot here) Yes, apparently holding us out for a month was still not enough for HQ to salvage together an event schedule. Curse those nonstop incoming submissions! As of right now, EVERYBODY with a submission who isn't on the inside is going to have to wait indefinitely for new developments. Frankly, I'm a bit P.O.'ed. Time is money, and the longer I have to wait for a response, the less likely I'll be able to give HQ the reins of the event. If that doesn't happen, then no event happens. Then again, one can't be too greedy when the staff has to handle such a major event.

Now that I've let off some steam, it's back to happy-fun-good-times! (That didn't sound creepy, did it?) Actually, hold on, I have to let off a little more steam about what is possibly the most annoying fire alarm of all time! The funny thing is, Nick and I were just complaining about fire alarms yesterday. What can I say, respect the alarm, or it will get you back. Anyway, today I received more info on what will be my first ever HTHS field trip! Yes, I get that we are going to a research symposium, but there are doughnuts! Nothing beats doughnuts! As an added bonus, I'll get a look around the campus of Monmouth University, which is high up on my college choices.

Rundown time! This time, it will be even more erratic and confusing than usual! Hold on to your hardhats:
Sportscasting a pickle-ball match is quite enjoyable, Cookie wins over Cream, by the way (inside joke), I am DOMINATING at this Russian card game the guys and I took up, new summer job idea: baseball umpire, Pi Day is not the 15th, yet that's the day our celebration is, and bring on the steak!!!

Okay, that's about it. Um... yeah. Ciao.

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