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Sunday, March 10, 2013

3/10: Good Times, Corned Beef, and River Dancing

Okay, I'm going to level with you: yesterday was disappointing. I guess the fact that it's the weekend combined with my smooth ride to the 20 blog limit made me a little lazy with yesterday's post. Either that, or everybody had the same idea and were also too lazy to click my links. Whatever happened, it means I'm obviously not even close to popular on the internet. No matter, though! This challenge is not about page views, its about completing assigned homework which I actually enjoy working on!

Happy last Sunday before St. Patrick's Day, everybody! I realize that this is far from a special day for any of you, but this day is the traditional day for Jersey City's St. Patty's Day Parade, which I celebrate with a passion. It's not my fault; I'm entirely Irish Catholic, and both sides of my family lived in Jersey City. That town is practically my second home. I live and breathe JC and the Port Authority, and luckily, the city is heavily populated with Irishmen. I guess one could say that this year's parade was a bit smaller, but then again we camped out at the corner of Duncan and Kennedy instead of Highland so we could quickly hit the Astor. Sorry, am I slipping into JC jargon again? I've got to remember that I'm posting this for the entire world to see. Then again, I bet half of my classmates have never heard of Exchange Place, Journal Square, or the Jersey Journal.

Anyway, after the parade festivities we traveled to the Astor Bar. Now, if you are claustrophobic, going to the Astor on parade day is the most stupid thing you could do. However, what some may call chaos, I call atmosphere. To me, there's nothing better than being in a rowdy party-filled bar surrounded by family celebrating our heritage (and drinking stereotypes--which are actually true!) What's even more impressive was that a troupe of young river dancers was able to slip in--and fully perform--without spilling a single drink (same for some foam lost by the earthquake of tap shoes). Ah, I love being green!

Rundown time! I'm gonna make it short to get this post out: USA is moving on to the next round of the WBC, once again James expressed his irrational love for Canada instead, my birthday is now only two days away (woohoo!), and yes, the salmon was excellent, Dad. Okay, I'm bored. Thanks for suffering through the entire post (not you, cheaters!), and I will see you right here tomorrow!

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