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Sunday, March 31, 2013

3/31: Happy Easter, and Thank You All!

I hope everybody had just as good of a time as I had this Easter. I am really so thankful to have shared this day with my family. It was wild at times, I can't deny, but it was nothing but laughs, smiles and good times. Overall, this day couldn't have gone better. (Except maybe if Dani didn't win the Easter egg hunt for the fifth year in a row!)

As I look back on my time blogging for you this month, I have so many things on my mind. Tomorrow, we return to school from Spring Break, and if I am to get anywhere, I have to start by maintaining my promises and keep from handing in work late. Obviously, with my newfound interest in singing, songwriting, design, and all things MLP, it's pretty hard to focus entirely on schoolwork. So I better get moving on something quick!

As you all know, my first ever musical is on Friday and Saturday, and now that I know that I have an award nomination at stake, I am all business when it comes to my performance. (Unfortunately, a little too much of my playa' of a character has rubbed off on me!) Tomorrow also begins tech week, meaning I'll step foot on the MAC stage for the first time in my life. Luckily, I was born without stage-fright, but the thought of performing before an audience always gets me excited. Wish me luck!

The musical isn't the only thing I'm a bit apprehensive-slash-hopeful about. If you remember from my previous posts, I should be expecting an e-mail from BronyCon at any moment now, outlining the event plan for the big weekend in Baltimore--or should I say, Baltimare! (Okay, enough pony puns.) Although I am very hopeful that my event, MLP@MLB, will get the green-light, there's no telling what could come next.

Finally, I really want to give a whole rundown of thank-yous: To my English teacher, Mrs. Gross, for challenging us with Slice of Life, to Mr. Roche, Mrs. G and all of my teachers at HTHS for their nonstop support of both me and my blog, to my family who've read every post and had to deal with my eternal time in front of my laptop screen, to Josh R, Tom G, and all my friends at High Tech who've been such a pleasure to converse and hang with, and of course, to all of you viewers around the nation, whether you're welcome guests from abroad like Mrs. Lampinen or just an anonymous passer-by. With that, I bid you a fond farewell for now, but rest assured that this is only the beginning.

Keep calm and brony on!

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