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Sunday, March 3, 2013

3/3: I Can Actually Understand "Inception"?

Excuse me, but may I please begin by screaming, "I'M FREE!!!" Pardon me for using the Royal Canterlot Voice, a.k.a. Caps Lock; I realize it is not proper blog etiquette, especially when combined with boldface. However, I feel it is necessary, because I finally have room to stretch my legs again, and I'm back to a fully functional computer. At least the coffee was decent. Apparently, as if the reception wasn't enough, the wedding group held an all-nighter at that Sporting News Grille I mentioned before. I don't know how, but two of them were involved in an Irish Car Bomb challenge last night, and still came to breakfast up and at 'em. Simply amazing. Yes, weird stories were being passed around at the table this morning more often than the coffee pot, including a dreadful mispronunciation from my little bro James. He was playing Slender off my sister's laptop last night, and instead of describing Slender Man's tentacles to the family this morning, a certain, um, unclean word was used instead. I'm not sure how long it will be before we live this down, but at least lil' JP got a free lesson in biology.

In other news, today was Danielle's birthday! Luckily, I was able to craft together a nice birthday card for her, even if my cursive writing is slightly difficult to read. No, no, I'm not bad at it; in fact, it's actually my default handwriting. Unfortunately, no trip is complete without Dani getting carsick at some point, and this weekend was no exception. She really has bad luck, but on the bright side, she enjoyed a night out with her friends on Friday, enjoyed another night without parents yesterday, and it looks as though she will get an extra day to celebrate as compensation, which should give me enough time to get an even better present. As for now, we all get to devour Papa John's pizza and ice cream cake.

Now, I am standing on pins and needles waiting for news back from BronyCon staff, and I apologize in advance if I repeat this throughout the week. It's just that this convention is a pretty big deal, in fact the biggest con in the world entirely devoted to the show, and my event proposal is of just as big a magnitude. Hopefully, in a crowd of ten thousand expected guests one would be able to find at least several hundred baseball fans interested in spending some of the con to watch an Orioles game that is literally across the street. How am I going to fund all of this? Well, I'm not. If the staff in Baltimore is on board, I'm hoping that they will go ahead and take it for themselves, and credit me with the suggestion. I know I'm a dreamer, but it's actually a really strong proposal.

As for my time home, I found myself  watching "Inception." Again. What can I say, it's a good movie! I've only caught it on TV, though, so I've never watched the whole thing. Therefore, every time I come across a different part of the film, and it all pieces together. Am I seriously understanding the world's most confusing movie?! I'm joking, I know it's not that hard to understand, but it's pretty notorious. Nevertheless, it really is a top notch film. As is every DiCaprio movie, apparently...

Alrighty there, time for my daily rundown! Regulars, you know the drill: keep your hands and feet within the desk at all times, and please don't let this confuse the heck out of you. I try so hard to keep people sane! Here we go: My friend Nick and I are really heating up the trading block--in fantasy hockey (yes, that's a thing), Japanese time zones are keeping me from watching the World Baseball Classic (but I can't wait to wake up to hardball tomorrow!), for some reason I find Mexican soccer hilarious (GOOOOOOOOOOL!), and I'm bringing everything to the table at High Tech's senior auction--just imagine having a personal upperclassman for a day!

Thanks again for stopping by! If you like my work, I BEG OF YOU TO SPREAD THE WORD!!! Pardon my Royal Canterlot voice again. You can follow my student Twitter account at @Irish_Ninja98 , and remember that I will be coming with more posts every day in March for the Slice of Life Challenge! A demain, and pasta the pizza! Sorry, I mean hasta la vista!

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