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Friday, March 22, 2013

3/22:The Wonders of Symposiums--and Donuts

Finally! A field trip! That's what was my original reaction upon learning of the freshman class' little endeavor to Monmouth University. Alas, in true High Technology fashion, the purpose of the field trip was solely to attend the Monmouth Junior Science Symposium--and cheer on our presenters like crazy. You know what, that's just what they want you to think. We were all well aware that our mission here was to acquire and consume the sweet, circular  pastry delicacies that are donuts. Let me be the first to say that they didn't disappoint. It's just to bad we were limited to one, while there was plenty of cruddy coffee to go around. (But who am I kidding? Coffee is coffee, so I drank it anyway!)

As for the symposium itself, it was actually somewhat intriguing in my opinion, which probably cements my position as a total Techie. Today was the second day of the two-day gathering, which made me a little unwelcome when the keynote speaker kept asking about the events the day before. It's a shame I therefore didn't get to see Jacob Buckman's presentation. Nevertheless, our representatives didn't disappoint. However, this doesn't mean it wasn't as boring as my comrade Tom stated in his scouting report. (AKA, I basically just asked him about it before the bell.) Curiously, people started falling asleep when the adult speaker was presenting. I had already impressed (and possibly embarrassed) myself by asking multiple questions to the speakers, but I was not about to prolong my captivity by agreeing with Charles to ask yet another. We were all starving by then!

After the presentations had concluded, the day went pretty wild. During our ridiculously abrupt stay at the university cafeteria, I observed that almost nobody else in High Tech can play pool correctly. What next? Nobody can play poker or darts, either? Anyway, the bus ride home was filled with the hollering screams of a sing-off between the girls cheerfully singing the praises of Taylor Swift and the guys performing the painful styles of the IED class jukebox. Obviously, it was no contest, though some would prefer to dispute the result. As we returned to Brookdale campus, all hell broke loose, including riding a horse statue, a commons-wide game of extreme Tag, and a dozen young men crowding around the small cafeteria television to catch a case of March Madness. So how was your day?

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