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Thursday, March 14, 2013

3/14: Ugh, Too Full to Think of a Creative Title

Hola, amigos! Um, uh. ¿Dónde está el baño? Yeah, that's about as much Spanish as I can remember anymore. Anyway, I'm glad to see you all still staying loyal to a blog that's going nowhere, but what should I expect? This is a homework assignment first, after all.

In case any of you are planning to attempt at passing the AMC next year, here's a friendly warning: you have no idea what will come next. Enter the AIME, which in three hours managed to soil my friendly view of mathematics forever. I thought 12 minutes per question would be adequate time, but the AIME challenges are no laughing matter. Just getting 5 questions of 15 right would be considered a commendable performance this year. Most of the subjects featured in the questions were on areas I haven't even bothered to go over, so obviously this test was looking for true math whizzes, not simply kids who ace every math subject once they learn it in school. Trust me, the only subjects I know are those I've learned in the classroom.

By the way, in other math news, happy Pi Day! Yes, today is 3/14, the day of the most celebrated math geek holiday! As you can imagine, High Tech takes this day very seriously. Carrying on the tradition of ridiculous (and ridiculously popular) fundraisers, the seniors enticed the masses to buy large amounts of soft pretzels in order to see the school's local celebrities get pied--for real. Just so you know, T-Pez got double the face time with glorious, sticky whipped cream. Afterwards, our geometry teacher hosted a class Pi Day party--with work, however. It was still okay, because there were plenty of snacks and pizza...

...Not that I needed a 5th slice of pizza within 90 minutes. Our principal, Mr. Bals, also bought pizza for all AIME test takers. This, on top of pretzels, junk food, 4 cups of soda, and a McDonald's dinner today. Lord help me. Mr. Bartlett and I were the only ones to partake in both of the back-to-back pizza parties, but I'm not too sure he wasn't as turned off as I was at the sight of all that crust and cheese. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Pi(e) Day gone bizarre.

In place of a normal rundown, I would like to reserve my final paragraph to congratulate my sister, Danielle, on breezing her way through school softball tryouts in her first year of eligibility! I wish her best of luck in her upcoming two seasons as a member of the Thorne MS Lions softball team! I better start calling up the college scouts! :P

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